Frequently asked questions

If you have other questions or issues, please contact us.

  • How many people can I bring along with me in the car?

    There is no restriction on the number of people in the car. Just consider comfort and luggage space for the journey ahead. Admission to the rally is based on two people sharing a room, so four people can drive in one car but two rooms would be booked. If luggage space is going to be challenging you can book our premium luggage service.

  • What type of a car can I drive?

    Reliability with a touch of style is key and we have Maseratis, BMWs, Ferraris, Morgans, Tesla electric cars, and supercars joining us. You’ll be driving on eight of the days and covering approximately 2000 miles, so it should be a car that's enjoyable to drive. Many participants drive their own car. Others hire a luxury car through our partnership with a prestigious car hire company. Take a look at our car hire options here.

  • Can I drive an electric car?

    We have considered electric cars when designing the route. Overnight charging is possible at most of the hotels or rearby and there are Tesla Supercharger options along the way. Enquire for more information

  • Is there a maximum number of people who can attend the Verve Rally?

    Yes. The Verve Rally is exclusive and participation is deliberately capped to a selective group of 10 cars for the July departure and 20 cars for the September departure.

  • How can I book for the Rally?

    The Verve Rally is on a first-come first-served basis and are restricted to a maximum capacity. You can book directly through the website or by contacting our team.

  • Why is there a selection process?

    At Verve, we believe that unique experiences require more than just planning and execution. They require a little extra care to ensure there's a group of likeminded people sharing the same spirit of fun and adventure.

    Therefore we take the time to talk to and meet potential Ververs. We want to make sure that the Rally is a good fit for you and the rest of the group. To confirm the booking we will connect with you via phone, Skype, or face to face. Of course, if there isn’t a match of expectations you will be refunded 100% of the amount you paid.

  • What kind of people can I expect to meet?

    Car and travel enthusiasts who share a passion for life, beauty, and contribution. We attract distinguished yet down to earth individuals who are usually aged 30 and older. There’s a good mix of interesting people, from investors and corporate hotshots to newlyweds and business owners.

  • Is this rally also for women?

    Yes. Absolutely. Verve is one of the few rallies in the world with a female cofounder. We positively embrace how the rally is a female friendly event and has been designed to cater for women's tastes as much as men's. After all, we all share a similar passion for travel, luxury lifestyle, and cool cars.

      • What is the route like?

        We’ve shared a few details of the route on the website. It’s been handcrafted for you to drive on some of Europe’s most inspiring roads. But we don't want to reveal all the secrets. A detailed daily itinerary will be provided at the rally.

      • How much driving is there?

        The route has been tailored to blend adventure with relaxation. You’ll be driving an average of four hours a day (some days shorter and others a bit longer) and will usually arrive at the day's destination by late afternoon allowing for our lunch stop. Remember, this is a rally and you’ll be traversing 2000 miles across Western Europe.

      • What is the accommodation like?

        We’ve handpicked a series of four and five-star hotels / chateaus. Most of these have spa facilities to relax and rejuvenate.

      • How is Verve Rally carbon neutral?

        Some people claim carbon neutrality by purchasing carbon credits. But we don’t believe that actually achieves anything. Verve goes further. Through a partnership with the PATT foundation, we will be planting the trees that balance the carbon footprint of the Verve Rally.

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Verve Rally Terms

1. General information

Verve Rally (the “Event”) is an event and not a race or time trial.

Participants must not compete at any level with other participants or road users and must not place any bets relating to this event. Anyone found doing this will be removed immediately from the Verve Rally with immediate effect and the remainder of your trip canceled without refund. You must drive with care and attention for your own safety and the safety of others. All persons booked under the lead name of the booking agree to these Terms.

The Verve Rally is not a guided tour - it is a navigational road trip where you will be given checkpoints that you are expected to navigate to with your own map/Sat Nav system. Some cars will be travelling in convoy along the suggested route however you are free to follow/find any route of your choosing.

2. Age restrictions

All participants must be 18 years of age and above.

3. Entry Fee

All entry fees must be paid by the payment deadlines quoted at the timing of booking, which unless stated in writing to the contrary is no later than 60 calendar days prior to the Rally start date. Deposits and entry fees are non-refundable. Any team entering or paying their final balance after the payment deadline will incur a £500GBP Per Person late entry fee. The entry fee includes pre-booked return EuroTunnel le Shuttle transfers and overnight parking for each day of the Verve Rally. The entry fee does not include any personal expenses during the event including petrol, public transport, taxis, tolls, food, drink, fines, personal loss or damage or any other expenses of any kind. Any expense is the sole responsibility of the participant and any unpaid charges will be invoiced by the event organisers and payable within seven days.

NO refunds of any kind including the entry fee will be made under any circumstances (including, without limitation, if at any point after you have entered the Event (i.e. after paying any sum towards taking part in the Event) you are unable to participate for any reason. There will not be any refunds during the whole period of the event. If you are unable to continue, or decide to drop out of the event, for any reason whatsoever the Organiser will NOT make any refunds of the entry fee or pay compensation to you. Each stage has sufficient time to arrive at each destination. If any team does not manage to complete any part of the route and unable to take part in any part of the event, you will not be entitled any refund of the entry whatsoever.

4. Hotel Accommodation

All participants receive a 4/5 Star hotel in each city during the Verve Rally as part of the entry fee, including breakfast. For teams of two, accommodation will be either a twin or double room; for teams of three, a triple room (double or twin with an additional single bed); for teams of four, two separate twin or double rooms will be provided. Verve Rally will do our best to provide the requested room time (either twin or double) but this cannot be guaranteed. Your credit card must be provided for each room as a security deposit when checking in, this is only for any additional charges (such as food or drinks) or damages. A single occupancy upgrade is an option for an additional charge.

5. Cancellation/ Changes

You may transfer to a future rally up until 55 days prior to departure. Any teams who have not paid their final balance including any late fees within 20 calendar days of the rally start will be cancelled without refund. The Organisers reserve the right to change the event schedule, route and/or hotels without prior notice if circumstances demand however comparable quality will be maintained or exceeded.

6. Code of Conduct

Participants must conduct themselves sensibly, acting responsibly and in an appropriate manner at all times. You must not consume alcohol whilst driving, drive whilst under the influence of alcohol (or any other intoxicating substance) or drive if your ability to do so safely is compromised by illness, lack of adequate rest, or any other condition. Any illegal behaviour will result in the cancellation of your participation without refund.

7. Comply

All participants must adhere to all applicable laws and regulations of each and every country you travel in, this includes without exception all speed regulations, visas, laws of the road, laws relating to the safety of your vehicle and laws relating to the possession or use of alcohol, drugs or other prohibited substances. You cannot participate in any other vehicle than the one you are registered with unless authorised by the organisers. If for any reason you decides to withdraw from the event your fee is neither transferable nor refundable under any circumstance.

It is up to you to ensure that you are fully up to date with the driving requirements for each country you visit. Some countries require you to carry certain equipment.

8. Eurotunnel le Shuttle / Ferry Crossings

All Eurotunnel le Shuttle / Ferry crossings are pre-booked and provided as per event description on the Verve Rally website. If any participants miss a planned EuroTunnel Train / Ferry then they are subject to a possible administration fee from the transport company which they will be expected to pay.

9. Responsibility

The Verve Rally (the “Organiser”) accepts no responsibility for the consequences of you being refused entrance or exit in to or out of any country or city during the event including any cost incurred, this is all the participant’s responsibility and in particular any additional costs incurred are solely the participants responsibility.

10. Indemnify

You will indemnify the organiser, its directors, officers, employees and consultants against any and all claims, lawsuits and causes of action whatsoever or howsoever arising and brought against them by any third party as a result of your action or participation in the event, including without limitation, your violation of any laws or regulations or your breach of these Terms and Conditions of entry.

11. Licence and Insurance

All drivers must hold a full valid and unrestricted driver’s license and a current and valid passport along with any other visa requirements. This is the sole responsibility of the participants.

Participants are responsible for ensuring their vehicles used in the event are properly licensed, adhere to all laws and vehicle specifications required in the country/state of travel, and fully insured for use on the public highways in all countries detailed in the itinerary.

You must obtain and maintain appropriate vehicle insurance to cover your participation in the Event and shall provide proof of such insurance on registration day in a form satisfactory to the Organiser, this can be a cover note or certificate of insurance. Appropriate insurance includes, without limitation, minimum third party motor liability insurance, medical insurance and personal liability insurance, in all cases disclosing to the insurers that you are participating in the Event. If you have hired a car, a 'vehicle on hire' certificate should be shown at registration. Although Verve Rally check insurance during registration, participation insurance is the sole responsibility of the participants.

12. Branding

You agree to have the “Verve Rally” and all official event sponsors’ stickers placed on your vehicle at all times during the event. Stickers will be subtle and in keeping with the luxury brand and aesthetics of the vehicles and placed on glass where possible. All stickers are non-permanent and are easy to remove and will not leave any damage to vehicles. The Organisers are therefore not responsible for any claims of damage to your vehicle as a result of applying or removing of such stickers.

13. Image Rights

All participants consent to be photographed and to be included in any filming of the Verve Rally. You consent to the use of your name, image, likeness, voice and biographical material in connection with any and all footage, publicity and related promotional material. Participants are only entitled to take photographs and film footage of the Event for non-commercial purposes.

14. Deposits/Transfers

Once an entry fee, deposit or part payment has been paid for entry into a Rally, this fee is only transferable to any other future Rallies if the transfer is made more than 55 calendar days prior to rally start date, unless pre-arranged with management proir to booking.

15. Force Majeure

The Event organisers cannot accept liability or refund monies if the Event has to be amended or cancelled due to any circumstances outside our control or that we could not foresee or avoid. Such as (but not limited to) war, threat of war, riot or civil unrest, terrorist activity, industrial disputes, natural disasters, adverse weather conditions, ferry delays or traffic delays. Neither can we be held responsible if certain attractions change their opening times or are closed.

16. Disclaimer of Warranty

You will indemnify Verve Rally, its officers, directors, employees, consultants, agents and sponsors against any and all claims, lawsuits and causes of action brought against them by any third party as a result of your action or participation in the Event, including without limitation, your violation of any laws or regulations or your breach of these Terms and Conditions of entry.

17. Violation of Terms

If any participants violate any of the above terms and conditions or refuse to follow the instructions given prior or during the Event by the Event organisers, you may be prohibited from any or further participation in the Event.

18. Law

These terms and conditions and your participation in the Event are governed by English law and you submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of England.

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